Data services & Media consultancy

Looking for advice on the use of Digital Couponing for your Retail chain or Brand? Do you want to know which 50% of your marketing spend is actually well spent and which 50% is a waste of (marketing) money? Do you need help with measuring the ROPO effect, the effects of Digital Couponing on your store traffic and sales? Do you want to link profile & purchase data to your CRM and databases?


Retail Rush also offers Consultancy services to provide answers to these and other questions.

Digital couponing via Retail Rush enables you to provide 100% insight into the effects of campaigns and media resources on physical location(s). As a brand or retailer, this gives you much more insight into the ROPO effect. (Research Online, Purchase Offline).

When you can combine people’s online (search) behaviour with personal data and purchases in the store or on location, you can draw much more conclusions at an individual and segment level about your omnichannel strategy and the behaviour of prospects and customers.

You will then be able to make more informed investment decisions. Finally: calculate the ROI of your (online) media spending versus instore (sales) results.

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Measure the ROPO effect, save money.

Digital couponing via Retail Rush allows you to provide 100% insight into the marketing and media effects on sales in physical / bricks and mortar location (s). This allows a pure measurement of the ROPO effect. (Research Online, Purchase Offline).

When you can combine online search behaviour of (potential) customers with personal data and offline purchases in your store, new and detailed behavioural patterns become clear. Both individually and per segment.

Based on these insights, your organization is able to calculate the ROI of (online) media spendings more accurately and thus make better investment decisions.

A simple and fictional calculation example:

  • Suppose the average order value of your customer is 10 euros per visit;
  • The investment to reach 1 million people with an online advertisement is 2,000 euros;
  • By using Retail Rush it becomes clear that 0.3% of the people who see the advertisement actually come to the store to take advantage of the promotion in the advertisement;
  • This means that the deployment of 2,000 euros in advertising budget results in 30,000 euros in turnover (0.3% of 1 million: 30,000 users, who spend an average of 10 euros);
  • Plus, you know who these 30,000 users are.

Potential next steps

Based on our Retail Rush media and data services, we can have a closer look for the opportunities that additional (online) media options offer. We are able to convert the underlying data insights into the implementation on media savings. Plus achieve additional turnover, margins and better data profiling of your actual buyers and buying persona’s.

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Retail Rush Media Services

There are many mediachannels to distribute digital coupons to the end user.

Retail Rush has an extensive partner network of (international) media partners and media parties. We have access to (inter)national, regional and local media sources and media channels. If you are interested in using external (premium) sources, we are more than happy to help you on your way.

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Retail Rush Dataservices

Retail Rush offers its customers access to a central database platform for capturing data from the Digital Coupon campaigns, which can be linked to your own data environment.

As an add-on, we can enrich the campaign data with additional data sets, profiling customers and prospects and finding look-a-likes. Enabling you to activate a larger group of users who are most likely also interested in similar campaigns.

Data services

  • 24/7 access to real-time data
  • Data selections, insights, profiles and analysis
  • Creation of a 360 degree customer view
  • • Search for look a likes

Additional datasets

  • More than 20 datasets per country
  • Datasets for more than 45 countries

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