The Mobile Couponing solution to drive in-store sales

By adding the Retail Rush solution to your promotions, Retailers and Brands are -finally – able to connect online campaigns and media channels to in-store sales. We connect unique and personal barcodes to your promotions, which are easily processed (validation and redemption of the promotion) at the store checkout.

Via our solution, you can tell which part of your retail promotions and marketing spent is actually effective and which part is a waste of your marketing money. You can differentiate your promotions to individuals or customer segments, geographical area’s etc. It’s rather easy to collect first party data through our solution as well.

On a global scale, we have more than 1,000,000 retail outlets connected with our solution. With our worldwide network of agencies for the creation and distribution of personal coupons, we offer the full package.

We help Retailers and Brands to:

  • Generate in-store traffic and sales from your online channels
  • Collect customer data
  • Improve your customer engagement
  • Gain online 2 offline (drive2store) insights along the shopper journey (views, clicks, claims and transactions)

This is how it works

Set up Mobile Couponing campaign(s).
Your promotion is connected to a coupon page that contains – through Retail Rush distributed – unique barcodes. These barcodes match the business rules that apply to the campaign: product, discount, campaign period and retail redemption locations.

Distribution of the campaign.
Link your campaign to your owned or paid media channels, such as email, display, social, shopping apps, online folders and POS materials. * If applicable: we have a network of agencies to help you with the creation and distribution of your campaigns.

The shopper claims the offer on the coupon page and a personal, unique barcode is shared via the mobile wallet or email. The user presents the coupon at the in-store checkout. The cashier scans the barcode.

Validation of the Coupon.
The validation and redemption systems of our partners validate the unique coupon. As the specified promotional conditions have been met, the discount is being processed.

The KPI’s of the online 2 offline customer journey are reported (clicks, coupon claims, in-store coupon redemptions). Gain insights per campaign, media channel, type of content and store location. ROPO as it is meant.

Data services

We offer additional data services in order to identify, enrich and activate your target audience and (potential) customers. Optimize your omnichannel campaigns and data strategy.


Via our partner network we have access to a reach of 200 million+ highly relevant shoppers.

You are in control

You decide how to use our solution: collect first party data, drive store traffic and sales, identify retail customers or measure the attribution and ROI of your (omnichannel) campaigns.


After a smooth onboarding, you are able to set up and distribute your campaigns within only a few hours!


In addition to a small start-up fee, we charge a fee per transaction. Reimbursements depend on a number of variables that we collectively map out.

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Retail Rush supports retailers by offering a scalable Premium Couponing solution. Effective marketing campaigns lead to instore sales and great insights!”