Exclusive partnership

Our exclusive partnership with epay gives us access to their worldwide payment network and distribution platform. Together with epay we have expanded this to a high-tech Mobile Couponing, Redemption and Validation Platform. Our solution is used by our international network of digital agencies, publishers and advertisers. Retail Rush exclusively distributes the Mobile Couponing, Redemption and Validation solutions.

Scalable technology

The technology is easy to scale:

  • Distribution: the platform is able to distribute up to billions of (unique) coupons in a very short period of time;
  • Redemption: Retail Rush provides all kinds of technology needed, to support Mobile Couponing campaigns.

Safety and reliability

Epay is the global leader in prepaid and payment solutions. Epay connects with more than 750,000 retail outlets and brands worldwide. Through its terminals, mobile applications and integrated point-of-sale (POS) / cash register systems, epay distributes a range of electronic products from many of the most famous prepaid brands to both large and smaller retailers.

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