To whom?

Retail Rush supports (highstreet) retailers and brands with physical stores to generate effective and measurable sales using just one platform/tool.

Our clients are:

  • Retailers;
  • Brands / advertisers;
  • Coupon agencies;
  • Other branches / industries with a physical presence: e.g. Electronics, Drugstores, Petrol, Leisure, Kiosks, Sports, Automotive, Casino.
  • Publishers en publisher networks (e.g. shopping platforms, discount platforms, affiliates);
  • Media and online Agencies;

Campaign focus can be either on customer acquisition or customer retention and loyalty. Companies we can add value to are various. Like shopkeepers, showrooms, petrol stations, restaurants and casino’s.

Based on the collected (data)insights you are able to determine in what way you can optimize future campaigns. If required we can support you with the promotion strategy and content of the campaign.

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