Free whitepaper: Global Digital Couponing for Retailers and Brands!

This white paper provides an overview of the developments and opportunities of Digital / Mobile Couponing for Retailers & Brands. What can you expect?

  • A 7-step approach is outlined for the creation of effective mobile coupon campaigns;
  • Advantages of using mobile coupons versus traditional (paper) coupons;
  • The possibilities to use mobile coupons as a means to generating more traffic, sales and insights for Retailers & Brands;
  • Mobile couponing as an additional program alongside current (card and app) loyalty programs;
  • An outline of the first global & scalable Mobile Coupon validation and redemption solution for Retailers & Brands;
  • The effectiveness of your omnichannel strategy, related to your marketing spent.

Mobile coupons are on the rise. Companies are rapidly moving from the familiar paper coupons to mobile coupons.

Receive our free Global Digital Couponing for Retailers and Brands whitepaper now and learn from our Digital / Mobile Couponing experts how to generate more traffic, sales and insights by using Mobile Couponing on a global scale.