Personal couponing is successfully used in Ecommerce. Physical Retailers fall behind. Why?

Simply because there is no easy to use and cost effective global instore validation and redemption solution available. Until now!

Retail Rush is the first global provider of a Personal Couponing Validation and Redemption solution. We have cash register (epos) connections at more than 750,000 retail outlets worldwide.

By using Personal Coupons you immediately drive more In-Store traffic and sales. We help retailers and brands to validate, redeem and measure all promotions within their Retail and Omnichannel strategy.

By being able to track the in-store impact of their marketing at a 1:1 transactional level, the retailer could leverage their customers’ online behavior to provide relevant, actionable offers across multiple channels and devices in real-time.

We have integrations with a worldwide network of creative and media agencies for the creation and distribution of Mobile coupons.

Our platform is ideal for industries with an omnichannel focus and physical presence, such as High Street retailers, Supermarkets, CPG/FMCG Brands, Convenience stores, DIY stores, Drugstores, Petrol, (Fast)food chains, Kiosks and Leisure.

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  • Create your campaign
    Link your campaign to your media channels. Retail Rush will add personal barcodes, so no duplication, no mis-redemption.

  • Determine the scale
    1 or 10,000 stores. National or international. It does not matter.

  • State-of-the-art validation & payment platform
    We collaborate with national and global payment providers.

  • Robust
    100% reliable and safe. Every year, billions of transactions are handled via this platform.

  • Convenience & Speed: No technical integrations
    We use existing cash register connections and payment routes. It is easy and accessible to start using our solution.

  • 100% ROPO-insights
    Being able to track the in-store impact of your marketing campaigns at a 1:1 transactional level. Results are presented in dashboards. Start optimizing your retail and omnichannel campaigns!

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How does the solution work?

  • Your agency creates a mobile coupon campaign;
  • The consumer clicks on your ad/promotion;
  • A personal coupon with unique barcode is generated automatically;
  • The coupon can be stored on the user’s mobile phone;
  • He/she presents the coupon instore and the personal barcode is scanned;
  • Through our cash register connections, validation and redemption takes place;
  • Results are immediately available in our reporting dashboards.

Retail Rush is the bridge, connecting the online to the offline world.

In today’s evolving marketing landscape, connecting the dots of digital engagement to in-store sales and ROI is more important than ever for brands.

This is accomplished by connecting brand engagement to any purchase across the marketing ecosystem (email, social, app notifications, online folders, POS materials etc.) with personalized offers, valuable first-party data, and path-to- purchase insights. The different types of promotions are endless: a discount, a 2 for 1 offer or a free sample on location. Add gamification elements (wheel of fortune, scratch & win etc.) as you wish.

Our solution can be set up quickly, effectively and at a low cost. No technical integrations required! We offer our services on a local, national and international scale via our cash register connections with more than 750,000 retail outlets.

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Through our partnerships with national and global payment providers – we are able to link any desired campaign to retail claims, and sales, both nationally and internationally.

Campaign insights can be used and offer a unique and 360 degree customer view!

Insights you can add:

  • Which offer (discount/incentive/content) leads to the highest sales in the store?
  • Who is the best target group to generate store traffic and sales (test prospects vs customers, gender, age, etc.)?
  • Which marketing channels generate more or less traffic and sales?
  • Which region or branch generates more or less sales?
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“Retail Rush supports our clients (retailers & brands) in their challenge of winning back market share, by offering a Mobile Couponing redemption and validation solution. We are able to design and execute measurable campaigns ourselves. By adding unique, personal barcodes our mobile campaigns lead to measurable instore sales, and new and very valuable information. Finally!”