Mobile coupons: The missing link between targeted online media campaigns and in-store transactions

  • 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. On our couch, while commuting, we all love to discover and research new products and discounts (Ipsos, 2019).
  • Then there is the slow death of paper catalogues. Only 2 out of 10 catalogues are actually read. A stat that is not going to improve. So the truth is that 8 out of 10 euros you spend are wasted.
  • Whilst Covid has accelerated the shift to online purchase channels, In-store shopping remains king when it comes to retailers’ margins and profitability.
  • The cookie-less world is here to stay. The collection of first-party data has never been more relevant. Our drive2store solution helps you to collect first party data – through the use of mobile campaigns, gamification, mobile coupons, loyalty apps and more.

Retail Rush has developed a ground breaking solution to redeem online distributed (unique) Mobile coupons in-store. We help Retailers and Brands on:

  • collecting and capitalizing on your first party data to improve customer engagement
  • reach your (potential) clients via current promotions, campaigns and media channels in an alternative, effective and trackable way
  • drive in-store traffic and sales with unique (mobile) barcodes, scanned on the retailers’ cash register
  • maximize your omnichannel strategy by gaining simple and effective insights (clicks, claims, transactions) into the ROI of your media spending.
Our platform is ideal for retailers and brands with an omnichannel focus and physical presence, such as High Street retailers, Supermarkets and FMCG Brands, Convenience stores, DIY stores, Drugstores, Petrol, (Fast)food chains and Kiosks.
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  • Create and distribute your own campaign
    Retail Rush will add the unique and personal barcodes, so no duplication, no mis-redemption.

  • Determine the scale
    Validation and redemption in 1 or 10,000 stores. National or international. It does not matter.

  • State-of-the-art validation & payment platform
    We collaborate with national and global payment providers.

  • Robust
    100% reliable and safe. Every year, billions of transactions are handled via these providers.

  • Convenience & Speed: No technical integrations
    We use existing cash register connections and payment routes. It is easy and accessible to start using our solution.

  • 100% ROPO-insights
    Calculate the In-Store ROI of your media campaigns and media channels and start optimizing your omnichannel campaigns!

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How does the solution work?

  • Create a coupon landing page in our platform;
  • We link the unique, personal barcodes;
  • The consumer clicks on your ad/promotion;
  • A coupon with unique barcode is generated automatically;
  • The coupon is placed in the Mobile wallet or shared via email, print-out;
  • The user presents the coupon in the store;
  • The personal barcode is scanned;
  • The coupon is validated and redeemed at the checkout;
  • Results are available in our reporting dashboards.

Retail Rush is the bridge, connecting the online to the offline world.

In today’s evolving marketing landscape, connecting the dots of digital engagement to in-store sales and ROI is more important than ever for retailers and brands.

This is accomplished by connecting brand engagement to any purchase across the marketing ecosystem (email, social, app notifications, online folders, POS materials etc.) with personalized offers, valuable first-party data, and path-to-purchase insights. The types of promotions are endless; you can even add gamification elements (wheel of fortune, scratch & win etc.).

Our solution can be set up quickly, effectively and at a low cost. No technical integrations required! Our network now consists of more than 1,000,000 retail outlets.

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Through our partnerships with national and global payment providers – we are able to link any desired campaign to retail claims and transactions. Gain omnichannel path-to-purchase to compile a unique and 360 degree customer view!

Insights that arise, include:

  • Which offer (discount/incentive/content) drives to (highest amount of) in-store sales?
  • Which target group responds to which promotion?
  • Which marketing channels generate more or less in-store traffic and sales?
  • Which region or branch generates more or less sales?
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“Retail Rush supports our clients (retailers & brands) by offering a Mobile Couponing solution. Adding unique and personal barcodes to our online marketing campaigns, leads to instore transactions and brand new insights to optimize our omnichannel strategy.”