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Unlock growth opportunities with Retail Rush

Embark on the dynamic realm of Omnichannel Coupons as a Retail Rush reselling partner. Partnering with us opens doors to unparalleled growth and lucrative opportunities in retail.

Why choose Retail Rush?

Innovative solutions

Join forces to deliver cutting-edge Omnichannel Coupon solutions, staying ahead in the market with tools that drive engagement and boost sales.

Diversify your portfolio

Integrate our technology to unlock new revenue streams, standing out with a comprehensive solution that combines your expertise with our leading technology.

Client empowerment

Provide clients a powerful tool for customer engagement, increased sales, and personalized shopping experiences, becoming a catalyst for their success.

The path to mutual growth

Collaborate with Retail Rush to tap into untapped markets and reach a broader audience. Our strategic partnership ensures sustained success and growth through collaboration, support, and mutual benefit.

Three ways to partner with Retail Rush


Directly sell our solutions, enjoying a straightforward sales model with direct revenue.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Customize and enhance solutions, boosting revenue potential through tailored services.

Prime Reseller

Act as a primary distributor with exclusive rights in specific regions, enjoying the highest level of control and revenue potential.

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